book 2: urban philosophy: POLITICS OF URBAN STRUGGLE

The second book published by Imhotep Fatiu, is a blueprint for the Pan-African Liberation Struggle. It is a guideline which outlines the nature of revolutionary struggle and serves as protocol of operation for those involved. This book outlines best practices for organization initiatives and how to execute and achieve organization goals. Imhotep is qualified to write about this subject based on 20+ years of organizing experience and study and over 8 successful ongoing organization-managed institutions. 

Points of interest in this book:

1.      13 Laws of Oppression
2.      Essential elements of African-centered organization
         a.      Mission, vision, agenda
         b.      Organization core
         c.      Apprenticeship systems & professional development
         d.      Study & application: developing an African worldview

3.      Development of UrBan Literature & Propaganda
         a.      Education
         b.      Social
         c.      Labor
         d.      Forefront
         e.      Leadership
4.      8 pitfalls of organizational collapse
5.      10 instructional principles for effective organizing


Books & literature

21st law:  Everything teach!

book 1: urban philosophy: Thought and behavior system

The first book published by The 1st UrBan Philosopher, Imhotep Fatiu, lays the foundation to the entire UrBan philosophical construct. UrBan Philosophy is a system of thought geared towards reforming the thought and behavior of African people throughout the diasporas. It is governed by 36 Laws which governs the system and aids in regulating the philosopher’s character; and possesses 360 insights which serves to enlighten readers and practitioners alike. Originally starting as “Street Philosophy” in 1997, it was later renamed UrBan Philosophy in 2000. More than 10 years of deep thought, overcoming uncompromising challenges, successful organizational initiatives, and character reformation of more than 20 people have aided the overall construction and refinement of this new-age liberating philosophy. UrBan Philosophy is the sole product of the UrBan experience; meaning the philosophy is distinct and presents a systematic way of reasoning, perceiving and relating to reality reflecting the attitude of mind and behavior code of the streets.

Points of interest in this book:

1.      General Understanding – Introduction to UrBan Philosophy
2.      God: Perspective and Clarity
3.      36 Laws
4.      360 Insights
5.      The Tri-Laws of Wisdom
6.      The Fundamental Laws of Power
7.      The “DEPS” Factor of Success
8.      Scientific Pan-Africanism
9.      New-age Domestic Colonialism

The 1st UrBan Philosopher


book 3: New african revolutionary vanguard

New African Revolutionary VanGuard is a revolutionary handbook for UrBan Struggle. As a handbook, it’s clear and straight to the point regarding revolutionary professionalism. The entire book is geared towards developing professional revolutionaries by providing the reader with enough revolution instructions, principles, insights and prescription necessary to assist him or her in his or her process of revolutionary development. 

"There was a pressing need for a standard of revolutionary character and some clear cut parameters of revolutionary behaviors"

~ Imhotep Fatiu