About Imhotep Asis Faitu - The 1st UrBan Philosopher

16th Law:  Life is a Paradox

Imhotep Asis Faitu, affectionately known as Baba Asis to many within Baltimore City, was born Antoin Torain on March 20 1971 to Marie and Connie Torain; the fifth of six children. During his youth, he grew up in the challenging Park Heights Neighborhood on Shirley Avenue where he was introduced to aggression, criminality, and all facets of street survival as early as age six. Contention within the socio-economic repressed neighborhood of Park Heights would engulf him causing young Antoin to engage in a series of acts which kept him in and out of juvenile courts and detention centers and would eventually lead him to being sentenced for 20 years in prison; of which he served 13 years and 9 months, being released in November of 2004. In Imhotep’s words, “I did not have the knowledge, skills or moral and structural support to succeed.”

            “…it was there, within the depraved and deplorable conditions of prison that my socio-politico consciousness began to develop and take shape.  Through my intense reading of African History and Culture, I arrived at a clear understanding of myself as an African American man, born and raised within the United States of America, and my responsibilities as an African American man.  I began to recognize and identify the injustices ravishing the lives of African Americans.  Therefore, I resolved within myself that, upon my release, I would fight for justice and social change within the African American community.”

From his 20 years of incessantly studying African history and culture, politics, psychology, sociology, and world history; Imhotep Fatiu emerged. Imhotep has spent years making amends to his community and ancestors for any wrongs done through his dedicated, unwavering and consistent efforts to teach, organize, empower, and heal the spirits and minds of Black people.  His extensive experiences assessing the urban psyche, community organizing, experiencing the worst of European aggression, and using critical thought inspired Imhotep to develop a system of concepts and behavioral code entitled: UrBan Philosophy.  

Happily married for more than 10 years and as serving as Minister of Operations of Pan-Afrikan Liberation Movement (P.L.M), Imhotep stands as a leading authority in community organizing and being a proctor for self-development and self-help for African men and women.  Imhotep created and currently facilitates the UrBan Life Skills Class and SEMO Department at a local elementary school and is an Outreach Supervisor for Safe Streets Inc. in Baltimore, MD working in the Park Heights Neighborhood.

Community Leadership Qualifications:

  • Minister-of-Operations of Pan-Afrikan Liberation Movement (P.L.M)
  • Co-founder and Executive Director of the UrBan Youth Initiative Project (a non-profit youth organization working with youth ages 7-13)
  • Co-founder and lead facilitator of the African Awareness and Critical Thinking Study Class (a community based study class specializing in the study and examination of African History and Culture).
  • Creator and facilitator of the UrBan Life Skills Class and SEMO Department (used in a local Elementary school)
  • Outreach Supervisor for Safe Streets Inc.


  • Cecil Elementary School
  • The Freedom Academy Charter School
  • Morgan State University
  • Chaney University
  • Sojourner-Douglass College
  • Coppin State University
  • Druid Heights Community Development Center
  • 13+ Community Based Lectures (see Products & Services for Purchase)

The 1st UrBan Philosopher