The 1st UrBan Philosopher


The Seven Fundamental Components of Pan-Africanism was presented in December 2009 as a part of the African Redemption Lecture Series in Baltimore, MD (affectionately known as Tubman City). In this presentation, Brother Imhotep Fatiu, introduces the seven fundamental components of Pan-Africanist ideology as it relates to the contemporary world.  The seven components: historical, cultural, spiritual, social, economic, political, and military are skillfully illustrated to show their interconnectedness with our past, present and future.
Brother Imhotep’s spirited presentation style and sophisticated analysis is substantiated by fifteen years of dedicated study and experience working to advance African people. This video is necessary for those seeking to understand in-depth the nature and attributes of Pan-Africanism. This is one of three DVDs in the African Redemption Lecture Series which outlines the foundation and advancement of the ideology necessary to unify African people globally.

Reclaiming Our Culture (culture series pt 2)

This powerful presentation by Imhotep Fatiu was recorded on February 22, 2011 on the campus of Morgan State University to students who were eager to learn about the systematizing of Scientific Pan-Africanism.  Imhotep speaks to the unicity of African culture and addresses the illusion of differences between Africans of the continent and Africans in the diaspora. Included is a provocative panel discussion centering on African culture, the African worldview and its clear distinction from the European worldview. This is the second culture-focused DVD geared for those seeking to broaden their understanding of all things cultural.  

Resurrection of the Warrior Queen

This is a very informative and instructive presentation by brother Imhotep Fatiu which explores various personalities of African women who have demonstrated the inherent warrior-spirited and innate divine aspects of the African woman. With passion, clarity and skill, brother Imhotep conveyed so poignantly a simple truth in reference to African women: “She is born with superior natural qualities.” The inherent warrior-spirit is divine natural courage, a characteristic bestowed to African women even before their conception. This warrior-queen inherent characteristic is embodied by African women who stand on Ma’at (righteousness) and demonstrates integrity. It is seen in a woman secure with her womanhood and comfortable within her femininity. This presentation also provides a foundation for women to tap into their warrior-queen potential and how to harness it to advance African people.

African Manhood in the 21st Century

There are many claiming to speak to and for our warrior class but very few who do it with such visionary clarity and unqualified conviction as Imhotep Fatiu. Even fewer of these voices exhibit the personal quality of character that commands and deserves the attention he receives from those courageous enough to be in his presence and contemplate his words. This lecture is him at his best on the subject closest to his spirit – African manhood. African Manhood in the 21st century is a warrior’s message to warriors. It is one of the most powerful statements on warriorhood that I have ever heard. It is a charge to the sons of Africa to do the work they were brought here to do in this time and in this reality. Instructions to warriors about manhood are not orders, they only provide guidelines as to how to think for those with the will and capacity to listen to what is being said. They only ask that we give deep thought to the intent and integrity of the statement and then apply it toward the reality we desire to create. There’s nothing here that a true warrior would ignore.

~  Mwalimu Baruti



3rd law: power is a conceptual dynamic

Ujamaa: African Socialization

Delivered during Kwanzaa on December 29, 2011 in Wilmington, DE; brother Imhotep Fatiu has done a fantastic job explaining Ujamaa as never before!  Ujamaa, the Kwanzaa principle of cooperative economics, is based purely upon our ability to have healthy social interaction. Imhotep emphasized the necessity of behavior rectification and the need for African people to enhance their social practices. It was clearly stated that the principle issue impacting the African community is mal-adaptive socialization. Thus, Imhotep throughout this lecture skillfully weaves the principle of Ujamaa into socialization. This superb lecture is a must see for those with an interest in understanding Ujamaa or developing economic systems and how it relates to the African community.

The Revolutionary Call to Action is an appeal to the moral conscience of African men to take an uncompromising stance against the socio-politico-economic incapacitation of the African community. It is a battle cry urging African men to stand up and stand together against the injustice plaguing the African community through joining a progressive African-centered organization and placing all of your skills, talents and resources at its disposal. Imhotep Fatiu clarifies the differences between: riots, reform and revolution. This is a very informative and straight to the point presentation. His exhilarating message is clear:
“African man, declare your commitment and proclaim your intent; organize and prepare yourselves for protracted struggle!"

Healing Our Relationships pt 2: 
Moving from Problems to Solutions

Moving from pain to happiness This DVD is the follow-up to Healing Our Relationships Part 1: Moving from Pain to Happiness. Staying true to his central premise, the purpose of a relationship is to create a union and the purpose of that union is to develop power! On this point, Imhotep beautifully conveys a message filled with humor and insight as he offers concise explanations and realistic solutions helping to move our relationship from pain to happiness. 

Black Womanhood in History

Throughout history the Black woman always knew and understood the conditions their people were facing. She knew and acted on what was needed for the development and empowerment of her people, no matter what the degree of adversity she has to face. In this powerful lecture, Imhotep Fatiu provides several examples illustrating the historical mindset of black women. Using such examples as Ida B. Wells and Mary McLeod Bethune, Imhotep outlines the powerful attributes of African women born in America during the 19th century and the continuous need of those attributes today. This lecture also explains the importance of the self-help, self reliance and self preservation mindset of black women and the great necessity for black women to reclaim that mindset.

Healing Our Relationships pt 1:
Moving from Pain to Happiness

In this dynamic lecture, brother Imhotep does an excellent job elucidating what a relationship is and what it is not for African people. With a unique blend of humor, passion and knowledge, he brilliantly establishes his point concerning the basis of a relationship. He puts forth the following question: what is the single purpose for creating a union? The answer, to develop power! For those interested in developing a deeper understanding of relationships, especially from an African centered perspective, this lecture is a must see! 

Thought and Practice of Scientific Pan-Africanism

Brother Imhotep Fatiu delivers a powerful and direct presentation which attempts to explain what Scientific Pan-African thought and behavior is, and what it is not. This presentation explicates the mindset and actions of a scientific Pan-African practitioner and how the system of scientific Pan-Africanism evolves in our modern day. This is a must have DVD for those interested and currently engaged in the concept and establishment of Pan-Africanism. This is one of three DVDs in the African Redemption Lecture Series which outlines the foundation and advancement of the ideology necessary to unify African people globally.

The Six Basic Characteristics of Scientific Pan-Africanism

Imhotep Asis Fatiu addresses the evolution and contemporary application of Pan-Africanist principles in this insightful DVD. Scientific Pan-Africanism is a systematized way of thinking and acting that necessitates the inclusion and redemption of the African continent. The insight of pioneering Pan-Africans such as George Padmore and Kenneth Kaunda is examined while urging Africans who watch this lecture series to advance the contributions of those great leaders. This is one of three DVDs in the African Redemption Lecture Series which outlines the foundation and advancement of the ideology necessary to unify African people globally.

The Culture Factor (culture series pt 1)

Brother Imhotep Fatiu does a superb job elaborating on culture: what it is and what it is not on the campus of Coppin State University. With clarity and precision, Imhotep instructs what culture is and how culture impacts and shapes our lives. This presentation establishes the fact that culture is the great imperative in human society. Imhotep also talks about the Tri function of culture: to provide a distinct social orientation of the world, the means to successfully navigate through human affairs, and to provide a unique psycho-emotional-spiritual disposition and inclination towards life. This is one of two culture-focused DVDs geared for those seeking to broaden their understanding of all things cultural.